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The Tweet Monger Highlight Reel

All the best from Episode #1 – #4. Watch your socks, cause they’re about to get knocked off!

The Tweet Monger #1

It’s your turn Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Beiber, and all things Kardashian.  #UrWelcome

The Tweet Monger #2

We gots Lindsay Lohan in a “Tweet Reenactment”. Denise Richards is “Baby Pimping” Charlie Sheen’s kids. Plus: Spencer Pratt, Paula Abdul & Debbie Gibson. #UrWelcome

The Tweet Monger #3

Holy Cow: Brainy Playmates, Waxy Kardashians, & Tila Tequila vs. Stephen Hawking?! Plus, Chris Angel and other Douche Bags. #UrWelcome

The Tweet Monger #4

Looking at you Nicole Richie!  Paris Hilton smokes out w/ Africa, and Heidi Montag & Mariah Carey are having a garage sale.

Kemo the Blaxican – Thats When She Died

Another music video shot in the SIX14 Studio with Director Hugo V.

Natural Products Expo West

Here’s a fun promotional video we did with NewHope Natural Media for Expo West.

“Los Angeles” Feat. “B-Real” of Cypress Hill and O.Brown

First one with Director Hugo V.

This version has over 3/4 of a million hits even tho the encoding quality is terrible!!