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Desire Trailer

A film by J Natural.
Directed by Eric Heights.
Starring J Natural, Nick Machado and Tracy Perez. Currently screening in film festivals nationwide.

I worked with Eric Heights on this one last year doing camera work and all of the interior lighting.

Block Party Video

SIX14 created this recap video for the Gethsemane Ev. Lutheran Church last year. We used a single cameraman and edited the footage down to this 3 minute piece for them.

Revolver Golden Gods XBox 360 Promo 2012

Featuring Alice Cooper, Zakk Wylde, Vinnie Paul, Heaven & Hell’s Vinny Appice, Adrenaline Mob’s Mike Portnoy & John Moyer, and a punk named Chris Jericho.

Rock & Roll Roast of Zakk Wylde

Too risqué for television (or even DVD), the Rock & Roll Roast of Zakk Wylde has turned into an underground sensation!  Over three hours of hilarious content exists that documents this amazing happening that was the must have ticket from last year’s NAMM, but we are only allowed to show you these limited clips.  Enjoy William Shatner and Stone Cold Steve Austin, just to name a few, as they skewer Ozzy Osbourne’s legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde.

VH1 Golden Gods Promo 2011

Hosted by Chris Jericho.  Starring Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach, Mike Vallely

VH1 Golden Gods and SIX14 2010

Six14 Crew with Chris Jericho & Andrew W.K.

VH1 Golden Gods Opening Film 2010

Starring Chris Jericho, Andrew W.K., Vinnie Paul, Lemmy, Dave Mustaine, Chuck Billy, Zakk Wylde, & Rob Halford.

MTV Golden Gods Opening Film 2009

Starring Brian Posehn, Scott Ian, Ronnie James Dio, & Vinnie Paul