Television Pilot

If you want to pitch your television idea to the studios for a Cable and/or Network TV Series then you need to show up to the pitch meeting with at least a pilot presentation or even a full episode.

The old days of acting out your concept for the Studio Execs to imagine are behind us. They now require that you show some visual representation of your idea. The good news is that you don’t need to produce an entire episode. You really only need about 3-5 minutes to explain your concept. Call Six14 Productions to take your pilot from vision to finished video.

Here are some tips to consider when producing your pilot.

1. Register your project with the Creators Vault

2. Write a one page treatment of your show concept.

3. Upload your pilot to a video streaming site for quick access. If you feel uncomfortable making your pilot public there are settings within You tube that allow you to make your video private.

4. If you have a script written include it as well.