GG_2010Production is the heart of creation in any visual medium. Whether it be a multi-camera live television event or a fifteen second internet advert, Six14 Productions will always display the same focus and concentration through all phases of production. We take you step by step from cultivating the idea in Pre-Production, realizing the idea in Production, and finally sculpting the idea in Post Production. Six14 is your project’s beginning to end solution.

For over 10 years we’ve been working with the most talented and hard-working crew members in the industry. In fact we consider them our extended family here in Los Angeles and around the country. Give us a call to book one of our technicians or just pick our brains about what to look for in a potential crewmember for hire.

We specialize in:
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Gaffer / Lighting Designer
Production Designer
Art Director
Prop Master
Production Assistant
Wardrobe Stylist
Hair Stylist