Color Grading/Correction

Color Grading and Correction is the final and very critical step in the post-production process.

A proper color grade is often the difference between an amateur and professional looking video production. Whether it’s a feature film, TV show, corporate video, web series or even a youtube video; Six14 Productions can bring your project to the next level. Our post-production color grading and correction services include:

  • Fixing poorly exposed shots and shots with color casts
  • Creating looks
  • Matching shots
  • Using color correction to advance a story

Digital video production is at an all time high with professionals, students and enthusiasts around the world shooting and editing videos for distribution on-line and otherwise. It is true that all you need is an inexpensive video camera and a computer to get started and millions of people are doing it.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the experience with lighting, color theory and exposure levels that are required to create beautiful professional looking imagery. In many cases the answer lies in a professional color correct to finish your project strong.

In the past color grading and correction could only be performed on equipment that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That said, it was only available to for big budget projects that could afford finishing for the high end. That’s changed dramatically with the advances in computer processing power and software development.

Currently SIX14 Productions is offering several options for color grading and correction on your projects:

  • Final Cut Color Correction Filters (3 Wheel Color Corrector)
  • Apple Color
  • Red Tools