Film Budgeting

Six14 Productions can prepare a budget for your project.

Budgeting – As much as we would like to offer a fixed price for certain types of projects –it is virtually impossible. Every project is different so every project requires a custom budget. Initial budget range for a project is just a telephone call away. 323.419.1244
If you give us your 60 second summary of what is expected for a particular project we can give you a ballpark range. If that ballpark is within your budget and you want to pursue a more detailed budget then we would meet by phone or in person to do a more extensive interview to nail down a price. We will ask questions like – What kind of locations are you envisioning? How many cameras would you like to shoot? How many seconds or minutes of finished content are we creating? Do you have your own graphics in an illustrator file? How many actors? This part is extremely important to participate with you as client and producer on the project. The more details we can hash out before the actual shoot date the smoother the production and post production will flow. Once this meeting has been completed we will email you a line item budget for approval. Next step is Greenlight, deposit and then we’re off to the races!